How to create a logo manual of style

Updated: Apr 29

Within a brands style guide, a set of standards for formatting, writing and design, it is essential to demonstrate how the logo is represented. Furthermore, should you be interested in trademarking your logo, often you will need a description of color, shape, and variation.


The first thing to note is which logos or trademarks you allow use of and how they are to be represented. Often it is helpful to include a Incorrect Uses section specifying oft-misused formats.




As with the brand style guide, record the hex, RGB, or HSL of colors used in your logo. Typically, brands have one logo with icon variations for different formats. Occasionally, brands will have multiple color variations for their main logo. The point of a style guide is not to restrict your creativity, but ensure consistency throughout marketing.


#003bbe #12c212 #000000


Margins ensure no other graphic design element encroaches on your logo. In your style guide, communicate how much blank space you want surrounding your design. Ensuring margins for your logo also increases uniformity of internal documentation and invoicing.


When recording the style for your logo be sure to include any seals or allowances for reproduction art. If you haven't already, check out our article on styling typeface, color, and alignment. Designing, updating, and following your logo style will continue to build trust in your brand.